Pediatric Neurology treats patients who suffer from pediatric epilepsy, migraines, developmental delays and other conditions. Our goal is to create a nurturing relationship with our patients- a relationship built on understanding, compassion, and respect.

Welcome to Pediatric Neurology, P.A., Epilepsy Center of Central Florida

Dr. Ron Davis and the staff at Pediatric Neurology provide support, hope and cutting edge medical treatment to over 15,000 patients in the Central Florida area.

Specializing in the treatment of neurological disorders in both children and adults, our practice is devoted to our patients' health and well being.

We know that every patient has different needs and, therefore, treatments will vary from patient to patient. At Pediatric Neurology, we offer a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to health. We see the person, not just the illness. We will properly diagnose and appropriately treat each individual's condition.

We also offer Clinical Trials in our Clinical Trial Department.

Since 2002, Pediatric Neurology has participated in the approval process of safe and effective treatments for individuals diagnosed with epilepsy and migraines, and has been a forerunner in cutting-edge treatments for neurological disorders.

Please contact us so that we may help you start on the road to better health.

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Our Primary Values and Beliefs

Care for our patients as we would wish to be cared for ourselves.
Offer only the highest level of integrity at every level of service and care.
Provide excellence in medical education at all staff levels.
Promote a sense of common purpose within our clinic.
Provide an efficient and pleasant environment within which to care for all patients.
Provide the highest quality customer service, addressing our patients' medical needs first.

Introducing Neurology & Epilepsy Center of Central Florida
Neurology & Epilepsy Center of Central Florida (NECCF), a division of Pediatric Neurology, focuses on adult neurological issues, with a particular emphasis on epilepsy.
NECCF also concentrates on those neurological issues related to pregnancy, general neurological issues- such as Alzheimer's dementia and migraines, and drug trial participation.

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